This project is funded by Transport Canada through the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program (ERSTPP).  All project results are the sole responsibility of the project team members and there is no explicit or implicit endorsement by Transport Canada.

The project has led to the development of novel methods and resulted in the following five areas related to road safety and network screening:

1) Developed a tool to permit Canadian municipalities to determine if their existing SPFs need to be redeveloped or if they are sufficiently accurate.

2) Created a method for estimating the monetary benefit of improving annual average daily traffic (AADT) accuracy in the context of road safety network screening.

3) Examined the potential of using AI-based safety performance functions (SPFs) instead of conventional SPFs.

4) Evaluated the accuracy and spatial transferability of direct demand models for estimating pedestrian exposure (annual average daily pedestrian traffic counts) at signalized intersections.

5) Developed a framework for network screening to consider collision-based measures and surrogate safety measures (SSMs).

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